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Our MESO products carry the benefits of aesthetic medicine while being non-invasive.

Mesotherapy - Pioneer in Home Mesotherapy Treatments - Surface-Paris

The origins of mesotherapy

Developed in 1952 by the French doctor Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy was originally a technique that involved injecting low doses of medicine into the skin with a sterile disposable needle, either manually or through an electronic injection gun. First used to treat diseases such as rheumatism, aesthetic medicine quickly took hold of this ultra-efficient technology and harnessed its power to prevent signs of skin aging.

How can mesotherapy help?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that stimulates hydration and radiance. With a base of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, this powerful cocktail of active ingredients promotes the collagen regeneration, which is responsible for the elasticity of our skin. Mesotherapy acts as a booster: the skin abandons its dull appearance to regain youth, vitality and radiance.


Aesthetic Medical-inspired care that revitalizes the skin

MESO-GLOW and MESO-BRIGHT treatments are the first two at-home cosmeceutical treatments inspired by professional mesotherapy. These tested formulas do not contain parabens, or silicones. These two 5-week skincare treatments make it possible to illuminate the complexion and deeply moisturize the skin to slow signs of aging. The MESO treatments are made with a nutritional and revitalizing blend based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals; all having moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

We offer two types of MESO for personal use which offer distinct effects: MESO-GLOW hydrates deeply the skin and provides it with a cocktail of vitamins for an immediate healthy skintone, while MESO-BRIGHT evens out skin pigmentation and brightens it profoundly to obtain a porcelain complexion.

The MESO kits include five vials of powerful serum, a 0.1mm Meso-roller, and a receptacle to activate the product.  Recommended usage for optimal results is one time per week, for five consecutive weeks.  MESO-BRIGHT and MESO-GLOW can be applied to the face, neck, décolleté, and the backs of the hands for a stunning result from the first application.

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