About aesthetic medicine

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present throughout the body, and is responsible for the skin's hydration. With age, its levels decrease and the skin loses its elasticity. Thus, hyaluronic acid-based products help the body retain moisture and plump the skin.

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are at the intersection of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicine sectors. They are more powerful than cosmetics and less invasive than medical devices and products. 

What is the difference between a face cream and MESO treatments?

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How can I effectively combat dark spots in my aging skin? What products should I use together?

About MESO Treatments

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a five week moisturizing and boosting protocol. Composed of five vials, it is recommended to apply one vial a week with the Meso-roller for optimal results.

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What innovations have Laboratoires Surface-Paris developed with MESO treatments?

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What is a Meso-roller?

A Meso-roller is a non-invasive tool that allows the Meso product to penetrate the epidermis. Cosmeceutical Mesotherapy is offered with a Meso-roller of 0.1mm microneedles.

What does 'Non-invasive' mean?

A non-invasive technique is one that requires no anesthesia or surgery. It is a skincare protocol that acts upon the upper layers of the skin.

What is the difference between non-professional and professional Mesotherapy?

Professional mesotherapy is aimed at doctors and practitioners. The application technique is different and only applied in a medical facilty.

What are the advantages of Surface MESO treatments compared to Mesotherapy at the Doctor’s Office?

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Is the MESO treatment easy to use?

MESO-BRIGHT and MESO-GLOW are both simple to use at-home, and include complete and detailed application instructions in every box. To learn more view the Laboratoires Surface-Paris Tutorial

For more information on how to correctly use a Meso-roller

Is the Meso-roller safe to use?

The Meso-roller included in the MESO-BRIGHT and MESO-GLOW treatment kits are extremely safe and easy to use. The Meso-roller is sized at 0.1mm and is safe for sensitive skin use. It does not puncture the skin or cause any bleeding, it just lightly stimulates and pricks the skin to encourage a full absorption of the product, and to cause tiny traumas that trigger the skin renewal process.

What type of sensation should I expect while using the Meso-roller?

Most users report a very mild-prickling sensation while using the Meso-roller, and it is completely normal. The Meso-roller relies on the tiny injuries it causes to the skin that triggers the skin renewal process, it also helps absorb the powerful MESO-serums provided. Slight redness is also common and will subside within minutes. To calm any redness or an uncomfortable pulling sensation, it is recommended to apply a calming fragrance-free moisturizer or gel mask. The Meso-roller is sized at 0.1mm, and is designed for sensitive skin, therefore it does in not puncture the skin.

Does the Meso-roller hurt?

The 0.1mm sized Meso-roller has very fine needles for sensitive skin, therefore should not cause any pain. If you find the roller to be painful, try applying less pressure and continue to ‘activate’ the roller in the provided MESO-serum every 30 seconds. If pain continues it is recommended to stop the application until pain subsides.

I have really sensitive skin, should I use a Meso-roller?

While the Meso-roller has the finest needles and is appropriate for all skin types, if you have a history of overly reactive skin, it is recommended to first test the Meso-roller on the inside of your wrist to see if there is a hypersensitive reaction. If there is a negative/allergic reaction, it is not recommended to use the Meso-roller on the face.

How long should one treatment of MESO-BRIGHT and MESO-GLOW take? How do I know when I’m finished?

Each application process should take between 10-20 minutes, depending on your skin’s ability to absorb the product. It is recommended to ‘reactivate’ the Meso-roller every 30 seconds to continue to apply the MESO-serum to the face. If after 20 minutes serum remains, you can gently tap the remaining serum under your eyes, the decollete, or the tops of your hands.

When should I use MESO-BRIGHT or MESO-GLOW?

It is recommended to use the at-home MESO treatments before bed to allow a full absorption of the product and permit a complete recovery of the skin. If you prefer to use the product before an important event, allow 2-3 hours for serum to absorb in it’s entirety and then go out and glow!

How often should I use the Meso-roller?

It is recommended to use the MESO treatment one time per week for five weeks. After, you can continue to use the Meso-roller with your favorite skincare products, though it is strongly recommended to replace the Meso-roller every three months.

How often should I use MESO-GLOW and MESO-BRIGHT?

Both products were designed to be used one time per week for five consecutive weeks to generate long-lasting and visible results. Both treatments can be repeated as often as necessary, and it is recommended to do a 5-week treatment every season.

How do I disinfect the Meso-roller?

Before and after each use of the Meso-roller, it is suggested to properly clean the tool. To begin, rinse or soak the Meso-roller with isopropyl alcohol to ensure no bacteria or germs are left on the tool. Next, rinse the roller with warm (not hot) water and let it air dry before placing it back it’s provided protective carrier.

Note: do not share the Meso-roller with other people.


Where are our products made?

Our cosmetic products are created in a French laboratory located in Beauvais. Our professional products are made in Europe and have the CE certification.

Are our products tested on animals?

Our products are not tested on animals and are subject to European Security Standards.

Do our products contain synthetic active agents?

Our mission is to first and foremost offer safe, innovative and effective formulas. Thus, we sometimes are required to use synthetic actives when they are more efficient than the same active derived in nature. Though we pride ourselves on using the natural active whenever possible. In either case, we always use the finest actives, ones that respect humans and the planet.

What is the delievery time?

In France: Orders will be delivered within an average of 3 to 5 business days.
In Europe: Orders are delivered within 5 to 7 business days.
Outside Europe: Orders are typically delivered within 7 to 10 day business days.

How do I make a return?

For any reason the customer would like to return a purchased product to Laboratoires Surface-Paris within 14 days of receiving the product , he or she must follow the instructions below in order to ease the process of the return.

Send an email to the Customer Service Department at [email protected] and make a return request. After receiving the return form, fill it in completely and attach it to the parcel. Return the unused product in its original packaging to the following address:

Surface-Paris (Returns Department)
26, avenue Victor Hugo,
75116, Paris France
Note: Product must be unopened and unused. The customer will bear the costs of returning the unwanted product.

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