Don’t Neglect Your Décolleté!

Don’t Neglect Your Décolleté!

Your neck deserves your care

Generally forgotten, the neck and décolleté are nevertheless parts of the body that we have to take care of, just as we do with the face, arms and legs. This skin of the décolleté is more fragile than elsewhere and wrinkles tend to appear early and age quicker than other parts of the body.

If your décolleté and neck are not sufficiently hydrated and protected, it can start to show as early as age 30 in the form of fine lines and discoloration.  

Generally speaking, the neck and décolleté can be one of the first areas to show signs of aging.  Naturally thinner than that of the face, the skin of the neck and décolleté are more affected by aging skin: loss of tonicity and density, fine lines and brown spots. At 50, with hormonal changes, the ageing process accelerates and the skin becomes drier and thinner. Other factors can also be taken into account: the head positioning, lifestyle habits,  as well as irritating substances that are sometimes worn around the neck. Often forgotten as we apply our daily SPF, make to apply some sunscreen to the area every time you go in the sun.

Neck care should be a priority:

From 20 years on, it is recommended to apply your face care to the neck and décolleté, and your body moisturizer like Surface Paris' Brightening Moisture Body Lotion up to below the chin. Once a week, think about doing a gentle scrub to improve the epidermis and stimulate cell regeneration.

As early as 30 years old, adopt a specific neck care to protect and improve the quality of the skin’s appearance. This area contains tensor active agents that act on the supporting fibers and correction agents that decrease the appearance of irregularities. Apply your skincare to this sensitive region morning and evening along with your usual face care.

To pamper your neck daily, you should also adopt a healthy lifestyle. In other words: avoid as much as possible smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol which are harmful for your health and your complexion. By abstaining from these harmful products, your skin will thank you! On the nutritional side, focus on fatty fish, carrots and apricots that will help your complexion look its best!

Neck massage, an important gesture.

Nothing like one or two minutes of massage to boost the action of your creams. Morning and evening, make smoothing movements then light pressures with the flat of the hands going from the ears to the clavicles. Your gesture must be very soft, it is important not to pull and move your skin at the risk of weakening and damaging it.

The MESO-GLOW routine  : a neck savior

MESO-GLOW by Laboratoires Surface-Paris is a blend of antioxidants, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid, which all have strong hydrating and regenerating properties. It is inspired by aesthetic mesotherapy; which hydrates and regenerates skin cells in depth. MESO-GLOW improves the appearance of the skin without attacking it.

Using a derma-roller, roll the product all over the face, neck and décolleté until there is no more liquid in the vial. Your neck will be smoothed within minutes: fine lines vanish away and the complexion is glowy.


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