How To Correctly Use The Dermaroller?

How To Correctly Use The Dermaroller?

Dermaroller: The Beauty Trend of the Moment

With more than 85% who rated it ‘worth’ it on, the dermaroller is undoubtedly in the spotlight of beauty trends at the moment. In fact, Dr David Muffy has compared the dermaroller to fraxel laser technology, and finds that they are basically the same principal, just as effective, yet more gentle with low-risk. Angelie Jolie is openly a fan of the dermaroller. Indeed, we may be intimidated by what looks like a medieval torture device, but do you really know what is a dermaroller, the benefits of it and how to use it correctly ?

What is Dermaroller?

Dermaroller (also known as microneedling) is used to repair or revitalize damaged skin, which is done by stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. The first recorded use of derma-roller was in 1905 in Germany. A well known dermatologist then, named Ernst Kromayer, started experimenting with various-sized dental burrs mounted on motor-driven flexible cord equipment, to treat scars, birthmarks and hyperpigmentation.

During the 1950s, New York’s dermatologist, Abner Kurtin, modified the technique by using stainless wire brushes instead of dental burrs. The technique was further studied on and improved by Alexis Carrell, a French scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

By 1995, a Canadian plastic surgeon and his associate, André Camirand and Jocelyne Doucet, discovered that scarring was reduced when he camouflaged tattoos on patients with skin-colored ink. It was eventually confirmed that it was not the pigment but the needles that caused the reduction in scar tissue.

Today, the dermaroller has developed into an innovative beauty device to induce collagen production, reduce scars, smooth skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and many other benefits.

The Different Types of Dermaroller and Its Benefits

Dermarollers have between 180 to 1000 micro needles in them, and the most common size is the 540 needle roller. The length of the needles plays a large part in the function of the derma-roller; it can range from 0.1mm to 3.0mm in length. Generally, for more sensitive areas, it is advisable to use the shorter-length needles, and for tougher skin like on thighs, a 1mm and above rollers can be used.

The different sizes of dermaroller and its usage

Table to show different types of dermaroller

Laboratoires Surface-Paris Home Use Dermaroller: The Meso-roller

Generally, dermarollers were used in-office by doctors or dermatologists to ensure proper usage and safety. For dermarollers that are of 0.5mm and above, a numbing cream will be essential. Laboratoires Surface-Paris has specially formulated a 0.1mm version which is gentle enough for home use, but at the same time effective in improving skin tone, regenerating cell growth and inducing collagen production.

The Surface-Paris Meso-roller is an extremely precise and efficient device. It allows the product to penetrate in the upper layers of the skin. Its 540 micro-needles cause a regenerating reaction and stimulate the product penetration. Unlike the 0.5mm dermarollers, the 0.1mm dermaroller is safe and gentle for daily usage, thus allowing gradual stimulation on a daily basis.

How To Use Surface-Paris' Meso-roller?

1- Cleanse

It is essential to cleanse the skin to purify and eliminate the pollution residues, the excess of sebum and dead skin. Depending on your skin type, there are different cleansing products, for gentle exfoliation. After cleansing, the skin must not be red or feel tight.

2- Hydrate

Using the dermaroller, apply one vial of Surface-Paris mesotherapy product once a week. Roll the dermaroller on the tray of product and then apply it to skin. The skin has to be cleansed, dry and show no infection or open wounds. Proceed to apply in vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements with the dermaroller until complete absorption of the product. The remainder of the vial can be applied on the neck, the decollete and the hands. Once the application is done, it is recommended to use a light cream or a hyaluronic acid mask to complete the hydration process. Avoid products containing alcohol or perfume. Avoid sunbathing within 24 hours after the application.

3- Protect

During the mesotherapy treatment, it is crucial to protect one’s skin from ultraviolet rays. After your daily skincare routine, apply a UV protection.

Tips on using the dermaroller

1. Always sterilize your dermaroller

Clean your dermaroller after each treatment. Using isopropyl alcohol or denture tablet, sterilizing your derma-roller will ensure no bacteria or germs is left on the device. Do not clean the roller with boiling hot water. Even though boiling water can kill bacteria and germs, it could damage the derma-roller as well.

2. You can use it on your lips too

Pump your lips by regenerating collagen. Surface-Paris' Meso-roller is gentle enough to be used on lips. It is a far more inexpensive way to enhance your lips when compared to injections.

3. Do not use on skin with acne

If you have acne-developed skin, do not use the roller as it may aggravate the condition.

4. Use vitamin C or hyaluronic acid products after using dermaroller

Both vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will aid in preventing infection and induce faster healing.

5. Apply a facial mask while using dermaroller

The enhanced penetration into the living skin layer will boost the performance of the facial mask. The rolling action will stimulate circulation for better absorption as well.


Watch our video on here to understand how to use the Meso-roller by Laboratoires Surface-Paris.




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