5 Beauty Treatments to Kick the Sunday Night Blues: The Sunday Night Beauty Ritual

5 Beauty Treatments to Kick the Sunday Night Blues: The Sunday Night Beauty Ritual

The Sunday Night Beauty Ritual by Laboratoires Surface-Paris

Even after the best of weekends you could be a little anxious or depressed on Sunday nights, sinking into the reality that workweek is looming. Sunday Night Blues are real, and you are not alone. In a recent international survey, 78% of respondents were reported experiencing Sunday Night Blues. German and Swedish researchers have also statistically proven that Sunday is the least happy day of the week. But we can make it better.

Here is how you can beat the Sunday Night Blues and begin your Monday all refreshed and glowing with our Surface-Paris’ Sunday Night Beauty Ritual.


Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating once a week is essential for keeping skin healthy, and the best time to do it is none other than Sunday, especially after a week of jam-packed activities. Remove dead skin cells and unclog pores with Laboratoires Surface-Paris’ Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap, to reveal a skin smooth and soft, just in time to prepare for a brand new beginning on Monday.


At Home Mesotherapy Treatment

Sunday is the perfect time to catch up on your weekly treatment of Surface-Paris’ At Home Mesotherapy – MESO-GLOW, a breakthrough in beauty innovation. Mesotherapy, which was previously only available through doctors, can now be fully operated in the comfort of your home. The results is similar to medical aesthetic mesotherapy, but without downtime, pain and discomfort. The meso-roller that is provided makes application easy, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production at the same time. A simple MESO-GLOW ritual on a Sunday night gives something to look forward to on a Monday as you would wake up the next day with glowing and radiant skin.


Beauty Facial Massage with your favourite moisturizer

Massages not only help to relieve facial stress, but could also promote blood circulation and reduce water retention. Surface-Paris’ unique beauty massage ritual can rejuvenate tired skin, and help to lift and firm the skin.

Using Bright Now Flawless Complexion Moisturizing Cream or your favourite moisturizer, place five dots of the moisturizer around the face: on the neck, on the tip of the chin, on both cheeks, and on the forehead. Evenly spread the moisturizer in circular motions on the face and neck. Begin massage starting from the neck, sweep gently in upward motion from the neck to the base of the chin,do this in 10 strokes. Next, starting at the chin, gently massage in circular motions from chin to the ear, and then sweep in outward motion from chin to the ear in 10 strokes. Repeat on the other side of the ear. This would help with lymphatic drainage which would give you a natural glow, and also to reduce water retention for a firmer and tighter skin. Next, smooth out forehead by placing palms on the forehead and sweep in outward motion towards the temples. Lastly, lightly tap fingers all over face and neck almost like you are playing the piano on your skin, this will help moisturizer to penetrate better and improves circulation.

The Surface-Paris beauty massage relaxes your mood, helps moisturizer to penetrate better, and keeps your skin glowing for a brighter Monday.

Masque yeux

Homemade Eye Mask

Dark circles and puffy eyes make you look older and stressed, not exactly a great way to start a good week. Relieve tired eyes on a Sunday night with a cucumber homemade eye mask.

Cucumber is one of the best natural treatments for puffy eyes. High in Vitamin K, cucumber will help to reduce dark circles and shrink capillaries. Dense in water, cucumber will also help to plump out the eyes area, cool and hydrate the delicate skin.

Wash the cucumber and cut it into thin slices. Place two cucumber slices over the eyes and relax for 15 – 20 minutes. You may also chill the cucumber slices beforehand for a cooling effect. This homemade eye mask is an inexpensive and simple way to achieve youthful looking eyes.


Go to bed early with a good book

You had your fair share of fun and late nights over the weekend. Rest early on a Sunday night. Cut out caffeine at least six to four hours before turning in. Instead, have a cup of calming camomile tea or fruit tea. Get in bed with a good book. You would benefit from an energetic morning with a good night’s sleep. With our Sunday Night beauty ritual, you can now begin all Mondays refreshed and glowing.






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