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The 5 Biggest Ingredient Trends for Glowing Skin

The 5 Biggest Ingredient Trends for Glowing Skin

The Ingredients of the Moment that Cannot be Missed

Do you pay attention to the ingredients of your skincare products? To get naturally glowing skin, these are 5 power ingredients of the moment that cannot be missed.

Fruit Acids to Illuminate the Complexion

Fruit Acids

Fruit acids contain natural components that have the power to instantly boost the radiance of the complexion. Fruit acids can include glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane extract, beets and grapes.  With strong exfoliating properties,  products containing fruit acids are known to stimulate cellular renewal and promote an intense hydration of the skin. For dull and uneven skin, these results are more than welcome!

Probiotics: The (good) Bacteria that Make us Beautiful!


Often used as dietary supplements, probiotics are now being incorporated into creams, serums and masks and are recommended to boost the defense and radiance of the skin. The use of bacteria is more powerful than that of preservatives to restore a health PH to the skin. Thanks to their antioxidant action, they have the power to rebalance the flora which calms the cells of our skin.  

The Power of Vitamins to Moisturize Deeply

Surface Paris Meso Glow At Home Mesotherapy Treatment

Vitamins are highly prized ingredients in anti-aging care. They are known for their targeted and powerful brightening properties. Thus, vitamin C is one of the best radiance boosting active ingredients and is essential for the formation of collagen. At-home mesotherapy, MESO-GLOW, from Laboratoires Surface-Paris is a 5-week treatment that revives the radiance of the skin. Formulated with vitamin C, it brings an instant burst and deeply moisturizes the skin.

The Comforting Benefits of Honey


Honey is often recommended for sensitive skin due to its unique therapeutic properties. Anti-microbial and aiding in rapid healing, it is used in certain cleansers, moisturizing creams, foundations, masks or lipsticks. Manuka honey is the most recognized and is often cited as one of the best types of honey for cosmetic use.

Algae, the Friend of Detoxification

Surface Paris Bright Now Body Lotion

Algae is having a major moment, likely due to this natural algae's ability to rid itself of accumulated toxins through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thus, Irish moss and carrageenan are particularly prized in skincare products for the power of their assets. The Brightening Moisture Body Lotion by Laboratoires Surface-Paris  contains Wakame, a Japanese seaweed rich in vitamin B3. This powerful active inhibits the transfer of melanin into the skin cell and helps to fight hyper-pigmentation.

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Radiance Boosting

Radiance Boosting

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