5 Reasons Why Serum is your Skincare Routine’s Best Friend

5 Reasons Why Serum is your Skincare Routine’s Best Friend

Why Are Serums Important For Your Skin?

Despite an increasing awareness of its benefits, serums are often overlooked.  Nonetheless, the miracle results of serums are mostly due to the many benefits it has on the skin.   We dive into everything you need to know about the five benefits of serum, your new beauty ally!

Ultra Targeted Action


In general, serums are much loved for the highly effective results due to its high concentration of active ingredients. For instance, cleaners and daily face creams tend to contain between 5 and 10% of active ingredients, while a serum can contain up to 70% active ingredients! This translates into more targeted and meaningful results which can include  firmness, reduced wrinkles, brightening, hydration, and many more...

Just a Few Drops

Surface Paris Bright Now Serum

The formulas are so concentrated
that a daily recommended application can include just a few drops.   It is recommended to apply this precious serum two times per day day (morning and evening) for better efficiency and the quickest results.

Instantly Absorbed into the Skin

Girl checking her skin

It is typically recommended to apply a few drops of serum on to clean dry skin.  You should then follow your serum by applying a daily face cream or night cream to lock in the active ingredients and protect against aggressions.  Most serums have in common an extremely fine and silky texture. Therefore the product is usually absorbed into the skin within seconds- allowing the an immediate application of your day or night cream.  

Synergy with your other Skincare

Surface Paris Beauty Ritual

Serum is easily integrated into your regular skincare routine, and will give it the much needed boost when you have changing skincare needs.  For quick and long-lasting results, a serum paired with another product whose active ingredients are complementary form the best tandem to act synergistically.  A perfect example is the Advanced Tone Correcting Serum by Laboratoires Surface-Paris,  which  provides the highest concentration of active ingredients for the Bright Now Line, and is often recommended to be paired with the Flawless Complexion Moisturizing Cream.  Used together, the products work to effectively brighten the complexion, diminish the appearance of dark spots, and overtime preserve a youthful radiance to the skin.   

Fast Acting Results

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And last but certainly not least, the effects of serums tend to arrive quickly (within a month) due to its high concentrated nature,  which allow it to act directly on the problem at hand. For the most impatient of them all, serums are your skin savior.  If you have dry skin for example, moisturizing serums make the skin almost instantly soft and velvety.  Similarly, an anti-aging serum improves the skin’s elasticity and wrinkles.

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