Purify & Protect: The Anti-Aging Skincare Trend You Can’t Ignore

Purify & Protect: The Anti-Aging Skincare Trend You Can’t Ignore

The Beauty Trend of the Moment: Anti-Pollution

It is becoming impossible to ignore one of the strongest beauty trends which has emerged over the years: anti-pollution beauty. Indeed, consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the aggressions to the skin caused by external environmental forces, and are gradually changing their beauty routine to include the adoption of anti-pollution care. Read up to learn more about this booming trend, and discover some of the most effective solutions to preserve the skin from harmful pollution.

The Suffocating Effects of Pollution on the Skin

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Declining air quality in major cities carries a negative impact not only on our health but also damages our skin. One reason for this is because pollution increases the skin’s sebum production, and therefore generates more blackheads and blemishes. It weakens the skin barrier, exacerbating existing skin problems and makes the skin very sensitive.

In addition, air pollution prematurely ages the skin by accelerating wrinkles and age spots, according to emerging scientific research. In turn, demand for skincare products with active ingredients that create ‘urban shields’ are gaining popularity.

Demand for Anti-Pollution Products Explodes

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It is no coincidence that as people are moving into cities at a faster rate than ever,  the demand for these targeted cosmetics are also growing with it. Expectations for anti-pollution skincare products are extremely high and these new generation cosmetics usually contain two fields of action: strengthening the skin barrier by replenishing the hydrolipidic film, and fighting free-radicals with powerful antioxidants.

Also don’t forget, it is advisable to always use an SPF cream in addition to anti-pollution products to protect the skin from all external aggressions.

Laboratories Surface-Paris’ Solution

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Laboratories Surface-Paris products were created from medical quality active ingredients that are powerful but can can handle the most sensitive of skins. All products are dermatologically tested and contain no parabens, silicones or endocrine disruptors, which are known to be particularly harmful.

The breakthrough at-home mesotherapy treatments developed by Laboratoires Surface-Paris illuminate the complexion and deeply moisturize the skin to slow down the signs of aging often caused in large part by pollution. The Surface-Paris Meso-roller, provided in every kit, is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The 0.1mm roller stimulates the epidermis of the skin to activate cellular regeneration and promotes a full absorption of the product.

Surface Paris Meso Glow

MESO-GLOW is a glow inducing 5-week skincare treatment that combines deep hydration and collagen stimulation of the skin. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, it is a real vitamin cocktail which plumps the skin and stimulates microcirculation to provide an immediate radiance. Concentrated in Vitamin C and Buckwheat Seeds, two ingredients known for their antioxidant and anti-pollution effects,  healthy looking skin is guaranteed!

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