The Top 4 Anti-Aging Ingredients Found in Cosmeceuticals

The Top 4 Anti-Aging Ingredients Found in Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals - skincare based on science

Cosmeceutical, a term coined by the famous dermatologist Albert Kligman in the 1970s, quickly became widely known amongst avid beauty enthusiasts. Skincare based on science, a perfect bridge between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals - cosmeceuticals are becoming a growing trend as more and more people discover its anti-aging effects. However, as there are many skincare brands today that claim to be a cosmeceutical brand; it is becoming rather difficult to sort out fact from fiction. A true cosmeceutical brand should contain active ingredients that are clinically proven to correct skin problems.

Here is our list of the top 4 active ingredients with excellent anti-aging properties commonly found in cosmeceuticals. When you are purchasing your next cosmeceutical skincare product, remember to look out for these!

Mandelic Acid

Surface Paris Bright Now Flawless Complexion Moisturizing Cream

An alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from bitter almonds, it reduces the signs of aging by promoting cell renewal. Mandelic acid refines the tone and texture of the skin for a healthy glow and inhibits the growth of melanin for a more even skin tone. Mandelic acid reduces lines and wrinkles without the irritation of other AHA’s, resulting in younger looking skin.

Mandelic acid can be found in Bright Now Flawless Complexion Moisturizing Cream, which moisturizes skin, tighten pores and prevents wrinkles. Skin is smooth and silky while regaining its radiance with frequent use.

Hyaluronic Acid

Surface Paris Meso Bright At-Home Mesotherapy Treatment

Hyaluronic acid is a natural structural component of the skin that is present throughout the body. Our body produces hyaluronic acid naturally but the production declines with age, exposing skin to signs of ageing, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Hyaluronic acid, the magical ingredient in many cosmeceutical products, is prized for its ability to retain moisture, and quickly became the number one must-have ingredient in all skincare products. Its benefits include repairing the skin, improving elasticity and strengthening the skin’s barrier for softer, smoother and plumper skin.

MESO-BRIGHT is a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants that contain high levels of hyaluronic acid. In the form of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, it has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than regular hyaluronic acid, making it even more effective in providing moisture and boosting skin’s elasticity. It is an efficient and non-invasive treatment to brighten the skin and unify the complexion.


Surface Paris Bright Now Brightening Moisture Body Lotion

Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide or Vitamin B3, is a water-soluble amide of nicotinic acid that has numerous benefits for the skin. It has the ability to boost the immunity of the skin, improves epidermal barrier performance so as to prevent moisture loss, improves redness and unevenness of the skin, regulate oil flow, protects skin from infrared light, reduces hyper-pigmentation and minimizes lines and wrinkles. Niacinamide can also boost collagen production, making it an important ingredient in cosmeceuticals for anti-aging.

Niacinamide can be found in Bright Now Brightening Moisture Body Lotion, which activates cellular renewal and favours the elimination of pigmented cells. Skin is smooth, silky and brighter after continued use.

Vitamin C

Surface Paris Meso Glow At-Home Mesotherapy Treatment

Everyone should be familiar with the benefits of Vitamin C by now. Due to the protective effects of Vitamin C and its derivatives on the skin, Vitamin C has become a popular ingredient in cosmeceutical products. However, perhaps not as widely known, Vitamin C is available in numerous active forms. Among all the available options, 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid or Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a derivative of Vitamin C, which is modified to increase its stability and enhance its ability to transport throughout the skin, since pure Vitamin C is easily degraded.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that protects skin against photoaging; it is also essential for collagen production. MESO-GLOW by Laboratoires Surface-Paris is an efficient and non-invasive cosmeceutical treatment, highly concentrated in 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid, a more stable form of Vitamin C. The five-week treatment is the ideal solution for regaining radiance to achieve a luminous complexion.

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