3 Beauty Treatments that really work!

3 Beauty Treatments that really work!

Say Goodbye to the Facial: these Unusual Skincare Treatments actually work!

While these unusual treatments are still relatively unknown in France, there are very few  skincare solutions that work quite as well. What you are about to read is truly revolutionary and is sure to shake up your skincare routine. The three beauty treatments you are going to want to try because they really work!

The 24 Carat Gold Mask

24 Carat Gold Mask

Very popular in the US and in the Middle East, covering the face with gold leaves helps tighten the pores, diminish wrinkles, reduce blemishes and revive the radiance of the skin. Indeed, gold is a refined natural ingredient that allows the skin to nourish and regenerate. Moreover, there is no risks of allergies as gold is very well tolerated by all types of skin.

The Only problem? Sigh.  The Gold Facial is extremely pricey.


Surface Paris Dermaroller

Microneedling has quickly gaining notoriety as a favorite treatment of women around the world. This innovative skin rejuvenation treatment relies on a roller with hundreds of tiny needles. How does it work? Very simple! Apply your favorite facial serum and roll the skin with the roller by making vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movements until serum is absorbed  Though, don’t forget that all serums are certainly not created equal.  Look for a serum that has hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, so that skin fully benefits from the stimulation of the roller.  As well, not all rollers are suitable for sensitive skin. Look for a roller that is 0.1mm or less, to ensure that it stimulates the skin from within to produce more collagen, boost cell regeneration and enhance the effects of the serum.

Laboratories Surface-Paris has developed a comprehensive microneedling kit for at-home use. Go here for more information.


Benefits of Icing

This easy to adopt skincare treatment has its roots in Ayurvedic tradition, a form of traditional medicine from India. It relies on the application of a very cold source the face to tighten and revitalize the skin,  and to regain its luster. To do this at home, you should wrap ice cubes in muslin fabric.   After cleansing the face, gently move the fabric containing the ice on your skin, focusing on the parts of the face that are in need of a boost such as as the cheekbones, forehead and around the eyes. Admire the stunning result after only 10 minutes!

For an even more impressive effect, add some tea such as chamomile and green tea to the ice. These two natural ingredients are known for their comforting effect.

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