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3 Beauty Tips to Get Glowing Skin At Home

3 Beauty Tips to Get Glowing Skin At Home

Glowing, Luminous Skin is easier than you may think

For many of us, glowing skin is the ultimate skin objective, and unfortunately as we age our complexion tends to become more dehydrated and visibly dull. As if that’s not bad enough, we also lose our collagen and elastin reserves adding to the appearance of a tired-looking skin.  Glowing, luminous skin is easier than you may think, and luckily it is achievable in the comfort of your home. Running to your facialist or favorite dermatologist is not the only way to bring back your glow. Follow these 3 beauty tips to achieve glowing skin at home!

1. Exfoliation is the key (really, we mean it) to glowing skin!

Surface Paris Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap

I know we tend to go on and on about exfoliating, but it is one of THE essentials for glowing skin and it is something that all of us can do at-home. In fact, one of the easiest and most effective way to start glowing is by removing dead skin through exfoliation.  Exfoliating with a facial cleanser is a great way to start any glowing beauty routine, and exfoliating will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  It will also make your skin more receptive to the treatments coming as it aids in a better absorption of all those active ingredients your skin is calling for! Look for an exfoliating product that is gentle but powerful enough to expose the new and radiant skin underneath the surface. The Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap by Laboratoires Surface-Paris is enriched with apricot kernels that work to gently remove dead skin cells, leaving the face and body visibly smooth and glowing.

2. Mesotherapy for Radiant Skin

Surface Paris Meso Bright At Home Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the best ways to get glowing, healthy skin.  It originated in France and soon became a widely popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment around the world. Astonishingly effective, doctor-administered mesotherapy involves micro-injecting vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the skin, to rejuvenate and enhance the complexion. Traditionally only available at aesthetic medicine clinics or a Doctor’s office, and not at home, until Laboratoires Surface-Paris revolutionised this anti-aging treatment by formulating MESO-GLOW and MESO-BRIGHT. The first of its kind, these at-home treatments are inspired by mesotherapy and  provide the skin with a concentrated dose of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, and is safely applied with a dermaroller which was developed for all skin types.  For the upcoming summer, we love MESO-GLOW which effectively moisturizes the skin while nourishing the complexion with vitamin C and antioxidants. With a promise of radiant, glowing skin after a single application, it is one of the most efficient ways to get glow-worthy skin at home.

3.  Lemons for Glowing Skin

Surface Paris Vitamins C Lemons Serum

Citrus, lemons in particularly, are one of the best skincare ingredients responsible for promoting healthy, glowing skin.  It is the citric acid that can be found in lemons that work to clear up the skin, and the vitamin C present in lemons is a powerful ingredient known to help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots.  If you have a lemon laying around your home, all you need to do is apply some freshly-squeezed lemon juice on the face, neck, and decollete.  Let the lemon juice rest on the face for 10 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water.  If you really want to soften your skin, follow the lemon juice care by rubbing freshly cut cucumber slices to the skin for a moisturizing and calming effect.  This Lemon-Cucumber treatment can be followed every other day or when skin is looking duller than usual.   If putting lemon juice is not your thing, look for skincare serums and treatments that are rich in vitamin C for similar glow-inducing effects.  

The Round Up:

Glowing skin at-home is a feasible, realistic skincare objective, especially if you follow these 3 beauty tips.   

1. Exfoliate-yes we mean it. Look for a product that harnesses natural exfoliants to prevent irritation or over-exfoliating.  Irritated skin is never in.  

2.  Mesotherapy treatments are celebrated for their ability to restore glow and rejuvenate even the most tired, dull of skins. Luckily for us, it is also now available at-home.  If glowing skin is your wish, MESO-GLOW by Laboratoires Surface-Paris can make it a reality.  

3.  Citrus, particularly lemons are a go-to glow-booster.  Apply a homemade concoction (see above) or look for vitamin C in your serum and facial treatments to bring back your glow.

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