Microneedling At Home - The Safe and Effective Way

Microneedling At Home - The Safe and Effective Way

Microneedling at home is safe and effective with little downtime

While microneedling may sound like a terrifying treatment due to the ‘needle’ in its name, when practiced safely, studies show that it can be an incredibly effective skin savior! Loved by celebrities and doctors alike such as Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, microneedling has fast-become a favorite treatment with real results and little downtime. Until recently, microneedling was an expensive skin treatment performed only by dermatologists and aesthetic medical doctors. Today’s innovations in beauty have made it possible to microneedle at home, but it is vital to practice the right microneedling habits to ensure optimal results and safety. We present the must-dos in safely microneedling at-home.

Why Microneedle in the first place?

Surface Paris Dermaroller At Home Mesotherapy

Microneedling both as a medical therapy and at-home treatments are known for their skincare benefits. Microneedling is the process of creating tiny micro wounds that trigger the body to fill them with collagen, while leaving the epidermis intact. The New York Times recently published a lengthy piece spotlighting microneedling, titled ‘How to Reduce Wrinkles without Lasers or Chemicals’. It underlined the fact that microneedling, opposed to lasers and strong chemical peels, are advantageous for two main reasons.  One, it can be repeated regularly, with little downtime and without overly irritating or reddening the skin. Second, there are lower risks of hyperpigmentation as compared to lasers, which is important for those who have darker skin tones.  

The main different between other skincare treatments such as masks and facials and microneedling is in the results. As Beverly-Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian shares, "You're really building collagen and thickening the skin, so instead of looking good for a few days after your traditional facial, your skin is smooth and radiant for much longer.” So you can expect more durable results with at-home microneedling that a regular facial or mask.

Get the Microneedle Length Right (Target 0.1mm)

Surface Paris Dermaroller At Home Mesotherapy

Choosing the appropriate needle length for microneedling is one of the most important steps in effective and safe at-home microneedling. For at-home microneedling, you're going to want to choose a derma-roller with short needles to prevent risk of scarring or trauma to the skin. As Dr. Michael Fold, American dermatologist shared in an article in the Wall Street Journal“Longer needles increase the risk of infection or scarring and hurt more: Once you get over one millimeter, you need to be pretty brave.”

We are advocates for small microneedling devices for at-home use, and after testing needle length for years we arrived at .01mm as the ideal needle length. The Laboratoires Surface-Paris at-home microneedling kits include high-quality dermarollers sized at .01mm for safe but effective microneedling in the comfort of your home. Developed for all skin types, the derma-roller is prized because it is one of the first that can be used on sensitive skin.  The  Laboratoires Surface-Paris 0.1mm derma-roller has 540 microneedles to gently roll your skin to perfection. Both Meso-Kits include a derma-roller along with 5-weeks worth of targeted serum to either brighten and unify the complexion (MESO-BRIGHT) or stimulate collagen production and bring back glow to the complexion (MESO-GLOW).  


But do smaller needles equate to less visible results? Not at all. A recent study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that collagen formation wasn’t dependent on needle length, and that it was more important to microneedle regularly. And the finer the needles, the less downtown and more frequent you can microneedle. So think small when it comes to at-home microneedle length!  

Properly Clean Your Mirconeedling Tool

Now that you’ve chosen the right size microneedling device, it’s time to sanitize your derma-roller.  As microneedles work to make tiny traumas to the skin, they also penetrate the skin on a microscopic scale.  It doesn’t mean that at-home microneedling isn’t safe, in fact it’s been proven to be an extremely safe tool, but to avoid all risk of infection it is imperative to disinfect your derma-roller between every use.  When sterilizing your at-home microneedling tool, it is important to note that the tool will be used on your face. Don’t expose your most sensitive skin to harsh cleaning materials such as bleach. We recommend a cleansing agent such as Biseptine Disinfecting Spray, found in most pharmacies and drug stores. This product will disinfect your at-home microneedling device, while being gentle enough to not irritate your skin. After applying a generous amount of disinfectant to the roller, rinse it with lukewarm water. Let it air dry, and when dry, store it in a cool, clean place (such as it’s plastic container if possible). You should follow this roller cleansing ritual before and after every use.

Note: while most of us remember to clean our tool, we often forget to clean your hands before every use! This is also important and should not be forgotten!

Replace your At-home Microneedle Device Regularly

Microneedles on dermarolling devices can tend to become dull therefore won’t be as effective after repeated use.  Depending on rolling frequency, it is a good rule to follow to replace your at-home microneedling device at least every 3 months.  If you store your dermaroller properly and clean it in the method suggested above, you should quite a few treatments out of your roller.  

Choose the Ultimate Serum

Surface Paris At Home Mesotherapy Microneedling At Home

Serums are the absolute best products to use with your derma-roller because they absorb quickly into the skin and offer powerful benefits to the complexion. While you likely know by now, serums typically have the highest active ingredients in the skincare kingdom, and this is especially important while using a dermaroller as the hundreds of microneedles painlessly prepare the skin to absorb the product at hand. With the use of a facial serum paired with the action of the dermaroller, your anti-aging benefits are boosted and the serum’s lightweight feel will absorb effortlessly into the skin. Discover how to choose the best serum for at-home microneeding here.

The Round Up:

Microneedling is an extremely effective method to attain smooth, hydrated skin. It is also completely safe to do at home, as long as you follow these ever-so-important guidelines.

  1. Choose the right sized needles. Aim for 0.1mm for the face, as you can treat it more frequently without risk of red, irritated skin.  

  2. Be sure to start and end every at-home microneedling session by properly cleaning your tool. Use a gentle but powerful disinfectant and let it air dry after rinsing with water. Always store your derma-roller in its protective case.

  3. Replace your at-home microneedling device every three months, if not before. The roller loses its efficacy after continued use.

  4. Accompany your microneedling session with the right serum. Serums that boast vitamins C, B3 and E are especially beneficial for the complexion because they provide the skin with everything it needs to repair free radical damage and boost collagen production.  

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