4 Beauty Secrets from Around the World

4 Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Global Beauty Secrets Revealed

What if we find inspiration from abroad? Today we offer you to come with us as we travel around the world to those innovative beauty rituals that are praised yet still confidential. The inspiring skincare treatments have traveled far, but have all settled in our bathroom shelf to the delight of our senses. Enjoy this wellness stopover as we discover the skincare rituals of women around the world.

1. Beauty Secret of Finland: The Sauna for Scandinavian Wellness

Beauty Secret Finland

The Sauna is a tradition originating in Finland dating back centuries ago and remains an integral part of Scandinavian culture. It could be said that the sauna is an institution for the Finns. The hot, dry air purifies the skin, relaxes muscles and allows the body to relax.  During a sauna session in the Scandinavian way, the following steps are repeated three times: hot shower - sauna - cool shower - rest. The duration of the sauna during each cycle varies from 8 to 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of a sauna? The high temperature causes heavy sweating, which helps eliminate toxins accumulated by our body and therefore improve skin elasticity. The high heat also helps to relax the muscles and release tension from the body. Alternating hot and cold brings a real boost to the bloodstream, perfect for giving a new glow to your skin.

2. Beauty Secret of France: Mesotherapy for a natural, beautiful skin

French Beauty Secret Mesotherapy

The French, who subscribe to the theory ‘less is more’, are proponents for effortless beauty, and are addicted to mesotherapy, an aesthetic medical treatment that was created by a French doctor in the 1950s.  French women love this treatment and go regularly to aesthetic medical clinics to have facial mesotherapy, because it keeps them natural looking with just a noticeably ‘refreshed’ appearance.  The Je ne sais quoi! High performing, mesotherapy effectively prevents skin aging thanks to a nutritious and revitalising  cocktail based in hyaluronic acid and concentrated vitamins and minerals.   

Now it’s your turn to succumb to a glowing complexion and visibly rejuvenated skin, all in less than 15 minutes time! With the recent breakthrough innovation by Laboratoires Surface-Paris, having created the first two at-home treatments inspired by mesotherapy, MESO-GLOW and MESO-BRIGHT.  Adapted to the lifestyle of busy women who are short for time to go to their doctors, these 5-week skincare treatments provide results acclaimed by the press.  

Journalists from Vogue, Paris Match and even Grazia, are convinced! What are you waiting for?

3. Beauty Secret of Japan: The Meticulous Art of Layering

Japanese Skincare Beauty Secret 

Japanese women apply their skincare treatments one after the other in a particular order: known as layering. For it is believed that by doing so, you are improving the effectiveness of the products through a very logical  and lengthy application method. The first step is typically an oil cleansing, then a traditional skin cleansing, followed by toner, serum, eye serum, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen.  They also do face masks regularly either in the morning or night  The results? A refined skin, unified, plump and healthy.

This series of steps allows moisture to absorb deeply and stay longer in the epidermis, for a perfectly hydrated skin. Repeat these steps morning and evening.

4. Beauty Secret of India : Ayurveda, Nature at the Service of Your Skin

Indian Beauty Secret

Concerned about their well-being, Indians are crazy for ayurveda. One of the oldest traditional medicine in the world, it consists of adopting the right beauty rituals by using the plants corresponding to their personality. To reveal their inner beauty, Indians use essential oils, honey, milk, flowers and medicinal plants.

The ultimate beauty goal in India is a radiant complexion. This is why they apply homemade cosmetics to achieve a glowing and sun kissed skin. Here is an example of one of their favorite glowing masks that you can make at home.

Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder with thick crème fraiche in a bowl. Apply the preparation on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water. The complexion is radiant and lightly glowing !

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