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Gradual Sunless Tanner vs. Conventional Self-Tanner: The Match Up

Gradual Sunless Tanner vs. Conventional Self-Tanner: The Match Up


With the arrival of summer and sun-filled days, you’ve likely removed your stockings and put away your jackets,  revealing your pale, wintery skin. You are right to do so! However, with very little contact from the sun these past months, your complexion may have lost its glow and golden bronze.

There are many self-tanning creams on the market today, and can be found almost everywhere- pharmacies, grocery stores and selected department stores. Sunless tanning creams were a modern beauty breakthrough and have been celebrated because of their ability to give the appearance of a tan without having to spend weeks in the sun. Though with a reputation of a  strong unpleasant odor, orange colorations, and uneven streaking, they aren’t all created equal. The latest innovation in the sunless tanning category is gradual self-tanners.  What are the differences between a gradual and regular sunless tanning cream?  And why choose a gradual sunless tanning cream rather than a self-tanner?

Laboratories Surface-Paris enlightens you by answering all your questions in three points.

1. Controlled intensity of the Tan: A gradual effect


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Unlike conventional sunless tanning creams,  gradual, or progressive self-tanners do not tan the skin instantly. The tanned effect arrives gradually after a few days, and is intensified with continued use. Therefore it’s you that fully controls the intensity of the tan, no orange cheeto-coloring guaranteed!  For a deeper, more pronounced tan, it is recommended to apply frequently, three or more times a week. To get that perfect "sun kissed" effect and barely there glow, one to two applications is ideal.

Sound too good to be true?  How do these creams work? We always prefer gradual self-tanners that containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a molecule that reacts with the dead cells on the surface, to temporarily darken the skin and stimulate a tan. The color obtained varies depending on the pH and coloring of the skin.

2. No streaking: A Natural Tanned Effect



As you’ve likely heard, sunless tanners have a bad reputation for their difficulty in even application.  Indeed, this is one of the major drawbacks of conventional self-tanners: they cause streaks on the body and face, and can even leave the bottoms of your hands orange or spotted.  This is exactly why we LOVE gradual self-tanners, they are fool-proof. Thanks to their gradual action, they leave absolutely no streaks or uneven spots on the skin. The natural effect of gradual self-tanners equates an even-looking sun-kissed effect, always uniform, never streaked.  

Laboratoires Surface-Paris developed Perfect Glow Subtle Bronzing Face Cream to benefit from an easy even-application and gradual sun-kissed glow.  Providing the complexion with a golden tone thanks to its DHA content and Erythrulose, it moisturizes the skin without leaving any streaks. Its refreshing perfume revives the skin and gently tans your complexion.  We suggest applying once or twice per week before bedtime to wake up with a subtle golden complexion in the morning.

3. A Great Skin Moisturizer


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Want more good news? Well gradual self-tanners are now formulated to meet several objectives. While most conventional sunless tanning creams simply color the skin and can even dry it out, some  gradual self-tanners provide color to the skin along with a boost of hydration. This is obviously beneficial for the complexion as a hydrated skin looks better and healthier.  As well, hydration plays an essential role in the development of skin renewal and revives the skin.  If skin is chronically dehydrated, it can become dry, dull and will be more susceptible to premature aging.

Remember to look for gradual self-tanners that moisturize your skin for a beautiful effect that is long-lasting!

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