Get a Glowing Skin with Mesotherapy

Get a Glowing Skin with Mesotherapy

The Only step you Need for Glowing Skin at-home

You wouldn’t ever see a celebrity strutting down the red carpet with dull, tired-looking skin. It’s a faux pas for movie stars, and they always seem to have that dewiness from within, an inner glow of sorts. With access to the very best (and most expensive) facialists, dermatologists, and makeup artists, it should come as no surprise that A-lister skin never looks uneven or dull.
The good news is that healthy ‘I’ve been eating vegan, sleeping like a baby, and exercise regularly’ glow is finally available to all of us. We break down the only step you need for glowing skin at-home, and best of all it won’t break the bank.

Achieving Glowing Skin in Our Busy Lives

Les Laboratoires Surface Paris sont spécialistes de la Mésothérapie à domicile

It’s no surprise that glowing skin is the skin objective du jour. Having an inner glow is associated with youth, and as we age our cellular turnover begins to deteriorate, and lose it’s freshness.
Glowing skin is often related to a healthy, clean lifestyle. While we may wish to get those 8 hours of shut-eye, attend our favorite yoga session daily, and eat and drink our recommended fruits and veggies a day- it isn’t always that easy. Work and home responsibilities often push aside our health goals, and we may sacrifice an extra hour of sleep to work towards that promotion, or that yoga class to spend more time with our children. Life is hectic. And today more than ever we try to make it possible to do it all, and have glowing skin on top of it. Let’s face it, we don’t have time for a 10-step morning beauty ritual.

Fear not, Laboratoires Surface-Paris has developed an at-home skincare treatment that gives your skin an immediate glow, that will last weeks after. The MESO treatments are 5-week vitamin ‘cures’ that activate the skin's microcirculation, stimulate collagen, and deeply hydrate to get glowing, radiant looking skin after just one session.

A Complete Mesotherapy Kit for Glowing Skin

La cure de Mésothérapie Meso Glow des Laboratoires Surface Paris

Mesotherapy’s treatments are designed as a comprehensive skincare kit. They contain five serum vials highly concentrated in powerful actives, a Meso-roller suitable for all skin types, and a tray to activate the serum with the Meso-roller. Applied regularly, they enable an active and long-lasting skin hydration. From the first application, the skin regains its tone and elasticity. The complexion is visibly glowier and wrinkles are less visible. The best news, with the MESO-GLOW treatment, lasting five weeks, and available at the reasonable price of 129 €, which is equal to the price of just one mesotherapy session at clinic or doctor.

MESO-GLOW : Use Before Bed

Appliquez Meso-Glow grâce au Meso-roller des Laboratoires Surface Paris

The only step you need for glowing skin- MESO-GLOW- should be done before bed. It is at night that your skin repairs itself, and can truly regenerate. Use the MESO-GLOW treatment one time per week before bed, for five consecutive weeks, and let the product deeply absorb into the skin. The treatment works so well that L'Officiel recently celebrated the at-home mesotherapy treatments by Laboratories Surface-Paris. “With the at-home mesotherapy treatment used before bed, you go to sleep and wake up looking 10 years younger! The effect is that immediate.”

Red Carpet Ready Skin

Les stars utilisent la Mésothérapie pour avoir une peau hydratée

Always wondered what your favorite actresses skincare tips and coveted beauty secrets were? Unfortunately even if we did know exactly what she uses to keep her skin so beautiful, and glowing, we likely couldn’t afford it! Faved facials can cost between $500-1000, but MESO-GLOW is five weeks worth of glowing power that costs $129. That’s 5 sessions for the price of one facial, and the results will out-last your favorite treatment.
And for red-carpet ready skin, you can’t beat MESO-GLOW. That’s why Vogue just called it the ‘Product found in Every Star’s Vanity Case’ during the Cannes Film Festival.

For more information on MESO-GLOW visit here.

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