How to choose a Beauty Box?

How to choose a Beauty Box?

Is Beauty Box Subscription right for me: How to choose a Beauty Box?

Love or hate the beauty box subscription craze? At first look, what’s there not to like? Every month you get beauty goodies delivered to you at a minimal price, and you get to try out the newest and trendiest beauty products without the hassle of visiting a store. But beauty box subscriptions may not be for everyone. Find out if you should subscribe to a beauty box and how to choose the right beauty box.


Beauty Box cures the need for retail therapy

Les Box Beauté soignent le besoin de shopping

“When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” Remember the time you bought the slimming body shape-wear you never end up using anyway? Or the toasted sandwich maker that seemed like a good idea at the time? We are all a little guilty of impulsive purchases; the idea of people indulging themselves with some retail therapy to soothe a bad day is nothing new. The downside is we often end up making bad shopping decisions. With the right beauty box subscription, you will receive a few beauty items curated specially just for you, delivered to your door monthly. Beauty experts have handpicked these items from the vast market of beauty products, so at least you can be sure that you would be receiving top beauty products that are currently in trend. Beauty box cures your need for retail therapy, and what’s more you don’t know what you will be getting. It is like receiving a surprise gift every month.

Beauty Box allows you to try items before purchasing

La cosmétologie par les Laboratoires Surface Paris

There are so many new and exciting beauty products in the market we have always been tempted to try, but too afraid to make a full purchase without knowing if we will like the product. With a beauty box at a minimal price, you get to try new beauty products before making a full purchase. Some beauty boxes even offer discounts for full-sized items if you do decide to take the plunge. Your bathroom can benefit too from less clutter of products that were only used once or twice.

Beauty Box helps you to discover New and Trendy Beauty Products

Cure de Mésothérapie à domicile par les Laboratoires Surface Paris

With the influx of beauty products, it can be difficult to keep up to date with what’s new and what’s good. Beauty Box subscriptions help you to discover new and trendy beauty products you would not have known otherwise. It is like having a personal beauty secretary, that keeps you informed of the current beauty trends, and bringing you the cream of the crop amongst those.


Since the beauty box craze started in 2013, there are more and more companies offering beauty box subscriptions. With so many beauty boxes in the market, how can we make sure to choose the right one for us? Before making any subscription, make sure to do some homework first. Here are some factors you should consider when making a beauty box subscription:

Decide What Kind Of Products You Would Like To Receive

Glossy Box du mois de Mai 2015

Are you a skincare addict or make-up junkie? Are you obsessed with hair care or nail care? Do you want to receive elegant French beauty products or cute and quirky Korean beauty products? Every beauty box company may have a different focus so make sure to do your research.

Full Sized Products or Trial Sized?

La Box Prescription Lab vue par Venus Mag

Photo Credit: Venus Mag

Most beauty boxes offer only trial size products, and subscribers have reported it may be difficult to know if the product works without using for a period of time. Some beauty boxes offer full sized products combined with some trial sized products, which translate to more value for money.

Length of Subscription

Comment choisir sa box beauté

An important thing to find out is how flexible the beauty box subscription can be. Make sure to read the fine print to find out if you can cancel the subscription at any time. Even though it may be tempting to subscribe to a longer period since it is usually cheaper to subscribe for a year as opposed to 3 months, but it is recommended that you try the beauty box for a few months before making a longer term commitment. If you find yourself keeping most of the products for the first few months, it would make more sense to proceed with a long-term subscription. In contrast, if you find that you hardly like any of the products after a few months, you would have save yourself from the hassle of cancelling a long-term subscription. Some companies also offer one time purchase without subscription to start you off on your beauty box discovery.


La nouvelle Box Beauté Prescription Lab

For French beauty lovers, Prescription Lab offers chic and luxury beauty box for French beauty lovers. Each box comes with a full-sized products, a trial sized product and a monthly magazine to keep you updated on all beauty trends.

La Box Beauté Prescription Lab

Photo Credit: Prescription Lab

For the month of September 2017, Prescription Lab features MESO-GLOW, an innovative at-home mesotherapy by Laboratoires Surface-Paris that can renew skin’s luster and deeply hydrate.

Inside the beauty box this month, there is one week’s worth of MESO-GLOW (a vial of serum and a Meso-Roller). Let’s see what subscribers of Prescription Lab like about their special gift of MESO-GLOW for September’s subscription.


Megan Vlt loving MESO-GLOW by Laboratoires Surface-Paris

Megan Vlt says: “Mesotherapy is the new intelligent beauty innovation, which prolongs skin radiance and improve the skin.”

Read her review here.

L'avis de Blackwhite Loving sur le MESO-GLOW

Blackwhite_loving says: “An instant cure for skin exposed to environmental pollution, this is a promise of the treatment.”

Read her review here.

L'avis de Les confidences de Lizzie sur le MESO-GLOW

Les Confidences de Lizzie  says: “Enriched with a combination of hyaluronic acid and powerful vitamins, we are promised an instant boost of radiance.”

Read her review here.

L'avis de Poldina sur le MESO-GLOW

Poldina says: “With this blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, and by using Meso-Roller (of 540 needles of 0.1mm), it will improve and plump up the skin to reduce wrinkles.”

Read her review here.

More subscribers who are loving their Beauty Box of MESO-GLOW on Instagram:

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Read more about the benefits of at-home mesotherapy here.

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