Top 5 Beauty and Well-Being Christmas Gift Ideas for Her this December 2017: Because She Deserves It!

Top 5 Beauty and Well-Being Christmas Gift Ideas for Her this December 2017: Because She Deserves It!

Improve The Well-Being Of Your Loved Ones With These Thoughtful Gifts

Hey ho, Christmas is just around the corner! Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one can be a stressful event, so we are here to help you out! Women are usually swamped with activities and errands these days as they juggle between work, family and children, so we believe the most precious gift we can offer to the modern women of today, is having the luxury of spending quality me-time to improve her well-being. Hence, we have rounded up the top 5 Christmas gift ideas for her to promote well-being, whether it is for your wife, girlfriend, mother or best friend, these thoughtful gifts certainly will add a special meaning to your holiday gift giving.

1. Porcelain Tea Sets (€20 to €80)

Porcelain Tea SetsPhoto Credit: Pinterest

No woman can resist a tea party with beautiful tea sets and scrumptious sweet delights. Drinking tea can also help to relieve stress and anxiety, along with many other health benefits. A cup of tea encourages relaxation and allows busy women of today to take time and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

2. Scented Candles (€10 to €120)

Scented Candles Christmas Gift IdeasPhoto Credit:

Scented candles can create a soothing ambiance, stimulate the senses, relax the body and mind due to its aromatherapy properties, plus it is a simple and lasting way to add a subtle, relaxing fragrance to the home. There are plenty of scents to choose from. Try lavender, which not only smells lovely but is known to reduce anxiety and headaches, and a natural remedy for insomnia. Or a jasmine-scented candle can help to calm nerves and improves the mood. Unwinding with a warm bath while having a lighted scented candle is paradise to any woman who had a long, hard day.

3. Kindle E-Reader (€70 to €250)

Kindle E-Reader Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you know reading can make you happier? Reading is not only good for the mental health but has also been proven as an effective therapy to improve social relationships and reduce depression. There is no better way to reclaim quality me-time than indulging in a page-turner. This Christmas, get your loved one a Kindle E-Reader loaded with her favorite e-books, or if she already owns an e-reader, get her a yearly e-book subscription.

4. At-Home Mesotherapy (€129)

At Home Mesotherapy Meso Glow Christmas Gift Ideas

All women long to have a pampering beauty session but not all of them have the time to visit a beauty spa or skin clinic. Adapted to the active lifestyles of modern women, and inspired by medical mesotherapy, MESO-GLOW and MESO-BRIGHT are innovative skincare solutions created to boost the skin and rejuvenate the complexion. Packed with hyaluronic acid and powerful vitamins, it will put the glow back on any tired skin. Taking time at home to indulge in a self-pampering skincare treatment is the best gift for any women, especially beauty addicts. What’s more, there is a 15% Christmas discount code now! Use code: XMAS.

5. Perfect Sleep Pack (€30 to €60)

Pillow Mist SprayPhoto Credit: London Beauty Queen

There is no one who doesn’t love going into bed and getting a good night’s sleep. Giving the gift of a quality sleep to a sleep-deprived woman can be the most luxurious thing in the world. You can create your own perfect deep sleep pack by getting a pillow mist spray and an eye mask, you can even throw in a quality pillow if you are feeling generous. A pillow mist spray will calm the senses and aid in a peaceful night’s sleep. With the Christmas holidays coming, it is the best time to catch up on lost sleep.

Because she deserves it

Christmas is the time for showing love and affection to your family and favourite people. No matter which gift you end up choosing for your loved ones, your thoughtfulness and authenticity will mean a lot to them. In this holiday season, remember to take time off your busy schedule to spend quality time with the family and loved ones, since companionship beats all material possessions. Have a merry, merry Christmas!

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