7 beauty tips for glowing skin – How to get glowing skin after the summer?

7 beauty tips for glowing skin – How to get glowing skin after the summer?

Summer is gone, but glowing skin is here to stay.

October is the time when we start sinking into reality how summer is finally gone, the time to put away our summer dresses and hats.  But we don’t want it to ever end - sunbathing on the shores of the French Riviera or waltzing through the exotic streets of Asia. Most of all, we don’t want our sunkissed-perfect, glowing skin to go away. But how?

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is important to keep your skin in tip-top condition. The accumulation of dead skin cells is most often the number one culprit for skin problems. The buildup of dead skin cells will make pores clog easier, causing excess sebum and oil; skin will look dull, rough and dry.

Each time you exfoliate, you are uncovering new fresh cells under the skin. It helps skincare products to penetrate better for a more effective regime. Well-exfoliated skin will leave your skin looking healthy and glowing.

We recommend exfoliating once a week with a non-invasive, gentle exfoliant. Or use our Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap, it contains natural ingredients like apricot kernel, which gently removes dead skin cells and restores glowing skin without stripping away the moisture.

2. Skip the long, hot showers

Shampoo hair

You may be tempted to have a nice, long hot bath when the weather turns cold. However, according to Andrea Lynn Cambio, M.D., a New York City dermatologist, long, hot showers actually takes away the moisture and protective oils of your skin. Limit your shower time to less than 15 minutes, and try to keep the water cool. Alternating between hot shower and a final rinse with cold water will help close your pores and leave your skin smoother.

3. Start using serum

Surface Paris Bright Now Advanced Tone Correcting Serum Brightening Serum

Serum is a more concentrated version of face cream and lotion. It can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin than face creams and lotions. If you wonder how Japanese have wonderful skin even if their 40s and 50s, serum is the one thing you cannot miss. We recommend Bright Now Advanced Tone Correcting Serum, a light and refreshing serum that helps to lighten pigmentation and dark spots for a more even, sun-kissed tone. It does not lighten the skin tone, but rather removes dark pigmentation to reveal a fresher-looking face.

4. Moisturize your skin ASAP

Girl with good skin

Skin will cool itself after a shower, and the skin’s own moisture is evaporated during the process. So don’t wait too long to moisturize your skin, slather on your cream when skin is still damp, it helps to lock in moisture better.

5. One less reason to feel guilty about dark chocolate

Girl with Chocolate

Now we have more reasons to indulge in guilty pleasures. If your skin is looking dull, it may be a sign of zinc deficiency. If your daily diet consists of mainly processed foods, you might not be getting enough zinc in your diet to keep your skin glowing. Zinc is vital for wounds healing and repairing damaged tissues. You will be delighted to know one hundred grams of unsweetened dark chocolate contains up to 9.6mg of zinc. Cocoa powder contains up to 6.8mg of zinc. So don’t feel guilty next time you go grabbing your little square of dark chocolate, but don’t go overboard! Moderation is key.

6.  Don’t skip the Vitamin C

Surface Paris Meso Glow Dermaroller

For the ultimate radiance booster, never skip your Vitamin C. Start loading up on vitamin c-rich foods such as broccoli as research has shown Vitamin C will fight against free radical that cause wrinkles and sagging, and will also stimulate wounds healing and repair sun-damaged skin. Vitamin C regulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces melanin production. A half cup of broccoli is loaded with 65% of your daily needed value of Vitamin C.

Try our MESO-GLOW treatment, a 5 weeks intensive home treatment for healthy and glowing skin.  MESO-GLOW is a gentle version of mesotherapy without the need of injections. The main ingredient of MESO-GLOW is 3-O Ethyl Absorbic Acid, which is a more stable form of Vitamin C. With the use of a dermaroller, MESO-GLOW stimulates collagen production and improves circulation for a healthier skin tone. Users have reported a tightened, fresher-looking, and glowing skin right after the first use. Get glowing skin with this medical-grade product in the comfort of your home.

7. Use a bronzing face cream

Surface Paris Perfect Glow

Cheat your way to sunkissed glowing skin even when after summer is long gone. Use natural bronzing cream to prolong the effects of a healthy skin tone. Try our Perfect Glow Subtle Bronzing Cream, a progressive self-tanning cream for the face that gives a subtle, sunkissed look without streaking. It brings out your skin’s natural healthy tone without the harmful effects of the sun.


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