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Getting a radiant complexion: 5 beauty tips you need to know now!

Getting a radiant complexion: 5 beauty tips you need to know now!

Sunkissed complexion and glowing skin all year round

With fatigue, stress and pollution as regular parts of our lives, the skin is weakened and the complexion frequently suffocated. To reverse grey, dull skin, nothing beats a detox of the skin! Our experts discuss their advice to find a sunkissed complexion and glowing skin whether or not you are on vacation!

Glowing complexion : Cleanse to purify the epidermis

Beautiful Face

According to Dr. Bernard Sillam the first step to detoxifying the skin with a facial cleanser while gently massage the face to restart the microcirculation in the morning and night. Look for products rich in depolluting actives and treatments full of vitamin and antioxidants.

Exfoliate with a gentle scrub

Facial Scrub Skin Exfoliating

To better reflect the light, the skin must be smooth without an over-buildup of dead skin cells.  To remove skin irregularities,  gently exfoliate, once or twice a week and consider using a dermaroller to activate cellular regeneration. For exfoliation, Dr. Bernard Sillam recommends either a fine-grained scrub or an enzymatic scrub (specially designed for fragile skin), which will regularly detach the dead cells from the epidermis and welcome the return of a radiant complexion.

Boosting the microcirculation of the skin

To regain a glowing complexion, consider micromassages. In addition to eliminating stress and having a calming effect, this small facial gymnastics promotes microcirculation, leading to better oxygenation of the tissues and a good elimination of toxins. Before massaging, apply a dab of cream or oil.

With micromassages: Perform small circular movements of the fingertips, from the inside to the outside of the face, starting from the chin along the jaw, from the base of the nose to the ears and following the eyebrows, then gently along the forehead.

Glowing complexion: Eliminate toxins with an anti-stress treatment

Surface Paris Meso Bright

When waste accumulates in the skin cells, the complexion becomes dull and premature aging can occur. To eliminate these toxins, many treatments like MESO-BRIGHT are now focused on the supply of light, through an antioxidant and anti-dark spot solutions,  which combat the harmful effects of ultraviolet, pollution and stress.

Purify your body with the right foods

The condition of our skin is influenced by our general condition, our lifestyle, and our diet. Some adjustments are sufficient for the effects to be immediately visible.

In addition to our tips on eating well for glowing skin (link to Eat and Drink your way to Radiant SKin ) Dr. Bernard Sillam is a fan of his morning tea with lemon. Upon waking, he religiously drink a glass of hot water with a fresh-squeezed lemon. Hot water helps the liver function properly : and a clean liver can mean a radiant complexion.

Lemon Water



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Radiance Boosting

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