5 Tips to Looking your Best for Valentine’s Day

5 Tips to Looking your Best for Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Are you ready for roses, chocolates and perhaps a little champagne? Valentine’s Day is right round the corner, how can we get the perfect look for this romantic occasion? Valentine’s Day is not just about looking good for your partner, but more so about looking good for yourself. We invite you to celebrate this day with grace and charm, and a touch of glow. Here are five tips on how to look your best on Valentine’s Day.


Wear kiss-proof lipstick

In case of smooches, you don’t want your partner ending up like a Joker clown with lipstick smudges all over. However, no women should sacrifice her lip color, especially not on a romantic night. To avoid a kissing catastrophe, wear a kiss-proof lipstick. Long-lasting formulas like matte liquid lipstick works best. To ensure your lipstick lasts longer, use lip scrub and a lip balm the night before. Now you can still look pretty with your favorite lip color if he does go in for that romantic kiss.


Blush a little

Every man claims that they like women to go au naturel, with no make up. But let’s be honest here, what they really mean is they like women who look effortlessly chic. Keep make up subtle but do add a hint of blush on the cheeks. Choose a color that matches your natural flush. Use a cream base blush for the dewy and fresh-faced look. Extra tip? Dab a little blush on the tip of the nose to look like you are naturally flushed.


Get glowing

Ditch the fake shimmers and highlighters, instead let your skin naturally glow with Laboratoires Surface-Paris’ at-home mesotherapy treatment: MESO-GLOW. Enriched in Vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, MESO-GLOW is a true vitamin blend that plumps the skin and stimulates subcutaneous microcirculation to reveal an immediate glow. Use the night before to get your skin glowing for Valentine’s Day, or you can even start using this five-week treatment anytime now to ensure your skin looks radiantly gorgeous on this special night.

Prep your Skin

Prep your skin

The sense of touch is extremely important in romantic relationships. According to Linden, a touch stimulates C-fibers, a type of nerve fibers, which convey information to the brain. A light caress would produce a soft and pleasant sensation. Hence, on Valentine’s Day, you want skin to be soft to touch, not like you have just gone through a major sea storm. Remove dead skin cells on your body with a gentle exfoliant like Laboratoires Surface-Paris’ Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap, and then proceed to apply a hydrating body moisturizer. Laboratoires Surface-Paris’ Brightening Moisture Body Lotion is harnessed from powerful but gentle ingredients such as Wakame, Mandelic Acid and Vitamin B3. A refreshing and moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Girl with pearls

Keep it simple

The biggest beauty and fashion faux pas is overdoing it. Keep things simple with nothing too flashy. Add an accessory like a pearl necklace or cute earrings to accentuate the look. No fake hair extensions or fake mascara. The focus here is looking effortlessly chic and naturally glowing. Take good care of your skin with a daily beauty regime. Who needs make up when you have flawless skin?




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