Mesotherapy's 3 main perks

Mesotherapy's 3 main perks

3 Reasons Why Everyone is talking about Mesotherapy!

Keep hearing about Mesotherapy? Well get this, the fantastic and effective aesthetic medicine technique has finally been democratized! There’s a reason that doctors often recommend mesotherapy: its has proven efficacy in preventing skin aging, improves the overall appearance of the skin, and it is known to boost cellular regeneration.

Still skeptical? The traditional technique usually involves injecting the skin with a nutritious serum using local injections or a dermaroller. There are many different types of serums that work to target your very specific skin concerns: whether you want to display a luminous complexion, protect your skin against damage caused by pollution or tighten and firm your skin, there’s a serum for it.

Laboratoires Surface-Paris are precursors to at-home mesotherapy treatments, and we present to you the many benefits of these therapies. It’s time to magnify your skincare routine, are you ready?

1. More effective than your usual skincare

La Mésothérapie, plus efficace que les soins habituels

Mesotherapy is the technique of injecting concentrated serum into the epidermis, often applied by the micro-needling method. Thanks to micro-injections or a dermaroller, serum penetrates deeply into the skin. Indeed, the action of micro-needles promotes an instant absorption that promise long-term effects. While creams and serums are applied manually (and therefore remain on the outer layer of the skin), serum applied with a dermaroller will reach the heart of the epidermis, as AuFéminin explains, “The injection provides precise and concentrated diffusion of the product, allowing it a better efficiency.”'

Unlike your regular skincare products, the active ingredients used in the serums for mesotherapy are extremely innovative. These highly concentrated vitamins and nutrients are recognized by science to be effective, and can quickly target your beauty concern. Consisting of a nutritious cocktail and moisturizer based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals with hydrating and antioxidant properties, it can act locally and rapidly, unlike the usual creams and serums that it may take several months to see the first results. This is exactly why, L’Officiel recently celebrated at-home mesotherapy treatments by Laboratories Surface-Paris: “With the at-home mesotherapy treatment used before bed, you go to sleep and wake up looking 10 years younger! The effect is that immediate.”

2. Improves the texture and appearance of the skin without changing your facial structure

La mésothérapie améliore la qualité de la peau

Unlike Botox and other aesthetic medicine techniques, at-home mesotherapy is non-invasive. In other words, it is non-surgical and therefore no hospitalization or downtime necessary!

The provided serums, paired with the act of micro-needling works instantly to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Mesotherapy does not distort facial features but allows to directly apply a care concentrated active ingredients in the heart of the epidermis. The dermaroller will boost the cellular regeneration due to the simultaneous action of the micro-needles. As Paris Match recommends the Laboratoires Surface-Paris dermarollign kit as 'The beauty tool 2.0 to rejuvenate the skin’ because the “microneedles act on the superficial layers of the skin for increased penetration of anti-aging ingredients.”

3. No need to see a Doctor

La Mésothérapie des Laboratoires  Surface Paris se pratique à domicile

It feels like just yesterday it was imperative to go to the doctor or aesthetic medicine clinic to enjoy a mesotherapy session. Expensive and requiring an appointment several weeks in advance, mesotherapy was not accessible to the busy woman.

Laboratoires Surface-Paris, which aims to magnify the beauty routine of every woman, have developed the first two at-home mesotherapy treatments with astounding results. Each treatment, lasting five weeks, and available at the reasonable price of 129 €, the price of just one mesotherapy session. The treatments are designed as a comprehensive skincare kit. They contain five serum vials highly concentrated in powerful actives, a Meso-roller suitable for all skin types, and a tray to activate the serum with the Meso-roller. Applied regularly, they enable an active and long-lasting skin hydration. From the first application, the skin regains its tone and elasticity. The complexion is visibly brighter and wrinkles are less visible.

MESO-GLOW is a glow-inducing treatment which combines deep hydration and stimulation of skin collagen. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, it is a real vitamin cocktail which plumps the skin and stimulates the subcutaneous microcirculation to provide an immediate radiance. It is particularly recommended to give treat free-radicals and skin suffocated by pollution, as mentioned by the Influencer Camille et Les Garçons :“I highly recommend it, especially for urbanites like me who are very exposed to pollution. A Guaranteed healthy immediate complexion.”

MESO-BRIGHT acts by deep moisturizing the epidermis to illuminate the skin and to remove the appearance of dark spots. Its unique formula combines three active detoxifying and anti-aging ingredients, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and gallic acid.Cosmopolitan loved the cure illuminating complexion and trusts it with their 'eyes closed'.

Ready to try? Go here !

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