This is How Often You Should Use a Dermaroller on Your Face!

This is How Often You Should Use a Dermaroller on Your Face!

Dermarollers are a Great Way to Get Glowing Skin at Home

You probably know by now that the much-loved dermaroller is a major breakthrough anti-aging solution due to its many benefits to the face.  Not only are dermarollers easy to use, and a great way to get glowing skin at-home, they are also extremely effective which means you don’t need to microneedle each and every day.  In fact, using your dermaroller too often can actually have negative impacts to the skin and lessen the wondrous benefits of this device.  We tested many different dermarolling frequencies, so you don’t have to, in order to find out exactly how often you should use your dermaroller.  

Dermaroller Size

How Often To Use A Dermaroller

Any conversation about dermaroller treatment frequency begins with needle length.  The many microneedles on the dermaroller come in different sizes between 2 mm to 0.1 mm. It is important to consider the needle size when discussing the ideal rolling frequency. Celebrity facialist and dermaroller advocate, Kerry Benjamin, strongly advises against using a dermaroller with needles too long as you have a higher risk of damaging skin. If you want to do a deeper micro-needling treatment with a larger needle size, I recommend going to a professional,” she adds.  The perfect dermaroller is effective enough to stimulate the skin’s microcirculation and boost its collagen reserves, but not so long as to puncture the skin.  

We found that micro-needles measuring at 0.1mm are just right.  The Laboratoires Surface-Paris dermaroller is high quality and still quite affordable,  and with finer needles it is safe for at-home usage.  Developed for all skin types, the dermaroller is prized because it is one of the first that can be used on sensitive skin.  The  Laboratoires Surface-Paris 0.1mm dermaroller has 540 microneedles to gently roll your skin to perfection.  Both Meso-Kits include a dermaroller along with 5-weeks worth of targeted serum to either brighten and unify the complexion (MESO-BRIGHT) or stimulate collagen production and bring back glow to the complexion (MESO-GLOW).  

Surface Paris At Home Mesotherapy MESO-BRIGHT
Surface Paris At Home Mesotherapy MESO-GLOW

How often to use the Dermaroller

Surface Paris Using A Dermaroller

There are many different recommendations for dermarolling frequencies, but in the search for the most effective results with a gentle application, we spent a significant amount of time testing the dermaroller to arrive at an answer once and for all.  While you can safely use your dermaroller 2-3 times a week (warning: this applies only if needles are 0.1mm and smaller) we found that one time per week with a high quality serum is ideal.  One time per week allows your skin to become slowly accustomed to the micro-needles, while boosting your serum with a fast and profound absorption. It is important to follow your weekly dermarolling session and not drop it, as you maintain results that way.  

If you're rolling with a dermarolling device sized 0.5 mm and above, it is not recommended to use more than one time per month, but really we can’t say enough that if it’s longer needles you’re looking for, it should be a treatment performed by a professional.  It is very difficult to judge for yourself which part of the skin is thick enough to safely use a longer needle length.  Board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. David Bank explains that micro-rolling frequency depends on the individual's skin. “Those with thicker, more sebaceous skin can use a dermaroller once per week. However, those with more sensitive skin might only be able to use a dermaroller once per month.”

The Round Up:

How often you perform a dermarolling treatment depends largely on needle-length  For at-home dermarolling, look for a high quality derma roller with finest needles available (0.1mm).  One time per week is the ideal rolling frequency for a short-needled device, it is enough to stimulate microcirculation and encourage absorption of concentrated serums, and also gives the skin time to heal. For anything larger, it is recommended to see a professional as needles can puncture the skin.

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